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cismaan maxamuud
if I say my qabil then that will expose my cuz walaal
Not really,there are loads of people here that are from the same qabil, and you just stabbed yourself in the foot, your cousin could have been from a different qabil but with this post you have now strongly implied that you share the same qabil.I have abgaal cousins,that doesn't make me abgaal


31/12/16 - 04/04/20

nah man I live in small heath far from Tottenham. chicken and chips
I see. I was in Birmingham in march, went down coventry road and Abu Khadeejah's Mosque.
Is your cousin @fox ? Is that why you are a fan?
You haven't been on here long :bell:theres nothing i hate more than murtads :susp:they're arrogant and think they know it all because they hold a degree.
Fox isnt a gaal,his cousin was and its a girl.This narrows down the demographic.Look for an athiest female from the tottenham area.
If shes from Tottenham I've probably seen her. Its shocking tho, Tottenham has a really good muslim community. Al Sunnah mosque alone has produced 1000s of xaafids.
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