ARMA, the UK’s daily laborer, freelance construction worker (stands @ACTON rd 2 b picked up by Timajileec), says this Xaliimos is BEAUTIFUL

Grigori Rasputin

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Wariyaha SomaliSpot

She is indeed a beauty.

However, I have been back home to witness DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Xaliimo nonchalantly walking on the dusty destitute streets of Somalia.

Recently, whilst back home, o was riding on a Dhoweeye ( uber of Somalia), when he decided to do a short cut in the less fortunate neighborhood of Hargeisa. All of a sudden I witnessed a beauty beyond description. She was coming out of a store and was carrying a bag full of grocery. I almost ordered the driver to stop but I regained my senses after realizing that I was in the hood of Hargeisa.

I will go back soon to search for her and pay her whole family off.