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People don't identify based on their ethnicity like in the UK. Some black people were calling for the release of officer Noor cause of the selective justice.
Perhaps their may have been a small group that were in favour of officer Noor being released. But how many protests did they organise for him? How many people showed up? How much effort did BLM put into promoting him?

Its miniscule and reduntant. The selective outrage exists. Imagine if he was AA, he'd have been a household name. Addressed constantly by mainstream media because BLM would use their PR teams to make sure of that.
This basically, Somalis need to understand that since we will be seen as Black in the West, there's no point in fighting BLM.

Minorites in the West should support each other

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Most somalis don’t even go to blm protests, they might just post something to their instagram story or retweet something. Thats it, nothing less, nothing more. If black life matters movement is succesful it benefits somalis. Why are we going against something beneficial to us??

There is nothing wrong about not identifying as black. Most somalis loosely identified with it since we are in the west. If you don’t identify by it, there is no need to attack it everytime. Being racist towards black people and creating accounts just to diss black people in social media is idiotic behaviour. Adaa lee is ceebeynaasid.