Are your parents racist?

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My dad supports the implementation of the United States of Africa led by Robert Mugabe and co. He sees himself and Somalis as black, although he occasionally lets out a madow joke.


My dad is xenophobic and proud but not racist.

My mother has many friends of different races but she still calls black people adoon.


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My parents don't see Africans as madow, as they see madows as people that belong to a contemporary cultural heritage that began after the Transatlantic slave trade. In otherwords, individuals robbed of their identity and forced to assume a synthetic colour based one. By the same token whites don't have a authentic cultural identity if they have been in the Americas for generations (and mixed). They often adopt an Anglosaxon brand of supermacy. French people hate this. Most people of European descent assimilate and have internalized cadaanimo (they are a bit slow when you ask them about their background). South Asian groups are culturally stronger, enough to survive generations in the west, without mixing.

Mind you, my parents see themselves as Somali. They are not colourist, nor are they overtly prejudiced. Their philosophy is make friends with people of all backgrounds but marry Somali. That's pretty much how I live my life.
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My father is a Somali-ist. My sister was once dating a Benadiri guy, who looks like an Arab, but when my father found out he became pissed and made sure she ended the relationship (true story).


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sorta racist,but nothing over the top,just the usual rhetoric like Madow,and i dont think my parents are colourist although one of my siblings is.
Oh and i forgot,my mom despises Indians


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my aabo and uncles has to be the most racist geeljires, especially my uncle in South Africa. His shop was attacked by savage Zulu Bantus and looted, luckily he survived. Since then he hated madows.
I'd lynch madows with my uncle if I had the chance.

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No my dads actually got two biracial kids one half Jamaican the other half Swedish he’s the laid back somali type my moms also the same :manny:
My dad is racist behind closed doors, but irl he actually has a lot of mathow friends and has lived in a mathow country (kenya). He gets along w/ them fine. I think his real problem is with the ghetto/gangster culture that a lot of blacks follow, so he conflates that w/ black ppl.
Lol my father hates that as well, he also semi gets mad at somalis on the diaspora being failures, hence he was equally harsh on all of us.


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The best gift i got from my dad is the moment he told me as a Darood man I’m superior to anyone on this earth

Yes thanks to him Iam who Iam today
I'd say my parents are rather tolerant. Only thing I've heard my mom comment on that might be racist her dislike for gypsies.

My dad on the other hand got snitched on. Everybody got that aaf weyne abti that got some hilarious old stories. Apparantly my dad strongly dislike the dheeg caas. He told me during eid a story of my dad beating up a Saudi outside a ajanabi store. This dummy said " Ya abeed" to my hooyo and got his fat ass knocked out.

I was like aboo:friendhug:
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