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Are you going to follow kenya and somalia or Saudi for the Eid date

Which one

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Your local mosque does it say celebrate with Somalia? All Islamic authorities here celebrate tomorrow.
Just face it man you celebrated in accordance with Somalia.
No I did fast today because I followed my local mosque. The point I'm trying to make is that Saudi Arabia is not the authority when it comes to moon sighting. Muslims around the world have been fasting for centuries without direct communication with the holy cities by either spotting the moon themselves or following the Islamic authority in their country.


Somali Fanatic
N when can u accept there is no country called somaliland n ur just somali suffering qabiil syndrome
I’d rather be in a stable unrecognised country than to be in a recognized country ran by Al Shabab. FYI Daroods are the biggest tribalists they even fight each other on a sub clan basis