Are you attracted to Asian women?

Are you?

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    Votes: 26 57.8%
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Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー
The fkd up part is that, since I'm a nerdy guy, ppl assume I'm into them. Fkin stereotypes.


Why do ppl feel the need to report what/who they are attracted to? I never understood this. I don’t think it concerns anyone but yourself.
Because they're horny virgins, that's why. Now days, you get a lot of them wanting Somalia to relinquish its sovereignty and join in a union with Ethiopia and Eritrea, just so that they could be close to Xabesha women.


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I was once asked this in my secondary school. The one I went to was had majority of the students were white then being the second biggest demographic Asian. I should have played smart and said yes because of the above reasons but I was honest with them and said no. I was called racists and a whole lot of things, some stop talking and I most got a cold shoulder for a short while. One of the shocking is people around stop concerning themselves, other telling only loser and creeps are in them, why would anyone be in to dog eaters and
They have many attractive women for sure. As a male, I appreciate female beauty in whatever ethnicity it manifests itself.

One thing I didn't like about the ones I worked with before I got this job at a manufacturing facility was the odor of their mouth. I made a point not to walk by them if they were talking to avoid accidental puking.

Lately, somali teens are like that. Some have foul smelling mouth. Hygiene is part of our faith and I am grateful Allah made it mandatory for prayer on muslims.

Bad hygiene spoils the beauty of the person.


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
Recently I have become very atrracted to Asian women after sleeping on them my whole life. They are very beautiful, with cute features. In my opinion, mongoloid/asian features are the most feminine and aesthetic - other races of women now look manly in comparison to me.
If they had nicer and curvier bodies, and were a bit taller, other races of women would be obsolete.
The best looking are Chinese/Korean not ugly Filipinos or Thai
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that would be stupid. The Asian women are liked precisely because they are not tall and not cavy. the petite-ness is a seller for men.

But my hunch is, they are popular because their tiny vaginas are small penis friendly,

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Asian women from the West are better looking than the ones from Asia. 99% of East Asian exchange students I've met were ugly but there are so many hot Aussie-Asian girls around