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ARE WE JUST IGNORE THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM? Geeljires in Scandinavia, jobless & LAANGAAB languages


Free AhmedSmelly Bliis iyo Bliis
Finland isn't in Scandinavia, Sweden Denmark and Norway are the only 3. Finland and Iceland along with the Scandinavian countries make up the 'Nordic' states
Thank you, finally someone who knows!! I'm so tired of correcting people.:friendhug:
I thought only the first generation, qaxooti or fobs are on welfare if I am not mistaken. Majority of the second generation seems to be doing well from what I have seen(minus the gangbangers).


they speak the most disgusting medieval sounding language. What’s the point of learning Finnish when only 2m folks speak it.

Geeljires over there are continuously getting their children snatched by the state for any little infraction.

90% of them rely on Ceedh

The only Geeljire inhabitanted place where a 45 year old geeljire is still going clubbing and dressing like a teenager

They drink alcohol like Caano Geel
So it's paradise