Are there any organizations for ethnoreligious Muslims

Jews are not made up of different ethnic groups, they're still one ethnic group.

The Diaspora Jews(Ashkenazi, Sephardi & Mihrazi) have admixture from the host populations that they've lived alongside for centuries, but have all still managed to retain on average 50%+ of the Ancient Israeli/Jewish blood.

Samaritan Jews are the purest Jewish group & are the closest to Ancient Israelis.
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Supreme Bosniak Geeljire
The NGO "Young Muslims" or "Mladi Muslimani" as it is called in Bosnian, is a great example of an ethnoreligious Muslim organization. It is an organization founded in 1939. It's primary aims was the spiritual, cultural and material progress of Bosniaks in what was then the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. They actively worked and still work for educational rebirth based on the principles of Islam, and they also fight against aggresive atheization and national assimilation of the Bosniak people. It is an antifascist and anticommunist group.

Thousands of young Bosniaks, both male and female, joined the organization, some of the most prominent being Mustafa Busuladzic, Esad Karadozovic, Halid Kajtaz, Hasan Biber, Asaf Serdarevic, first president of Bosnia, lawyer and great Islamic philosopher of the 20 and 21 centuries Alija Izetbegovic and the Behmen brothers. About 1000 of them (almost all of them, the exact number of members is not known) were unjustly imprisoned by the Yugoslav Communist regime after World War II. Thirteen (13) of them were killed without processing and without prooving of any crime.

The young Muslims had a branch in the majority-Bosniak Sandzak region of what today is Serbia after World War II. It was founded on the 17th of April 1946. The main initiator of the founding of the Sandzak branch of the organization was Sulejman Klacar, and the main contributor was Imam Ismail Filibalic, on of the greatest Alims of that time in Sandzak. After only two years and the death of alim and Imam Ismail Filibalic in 1948, many members of this organizations were imprisoned.

The organization Young Muslims was reactivated in 1991 by surviving members. The aim is to fulfill the goals and mission once established by the organization back in 1939. The main goal of the organization is to make sure that young Bosniaks of today and tomorrow are morally correct characters, that accept Islam as a way of life, rather than a dogm.

The organization has preserved its continuity by remembering previous members and cherishing their memory, by contiously caring for them, truthfully presenting historical facts that are relevant to understand the state and position of Bosniaks in the 20th century, first and foremost during Communist rule. Also, the organization is partaking in educational, spiritual and humanitarian activities. The main seat of the organization is in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in Saraci 77. Its current president is Edhem Baksic.

Most of my relatives were members of this organization, and so am I.

Sincerity of a Youth. May Allah swt grant these young pioneers Jannah. Amin!
Islam isn't an ethnicity so if you don't pray and believe in the Shahada you are not a Muslim. Being from a Muslim country isn't going to change that.