Are Somalilanders cowards?

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Bernie Madoff

Afhayeenka SL
Naruto reference :browtf:

I’ll show you with my baasto arms lil boi
ouuuuuuu im soo scaredddd

Since you're new to this, I'll explain the dynamics to you. There's an unwritten rule that allows every clan to have one untouchable ( for the lack of better word). Isaaqs have r.kelly, hawiyes have inquisitive and we have @Cognitivedissonance . They are rafcal qalam, the pen is lifted upon them. There is no sin upon children, the insane, and the sleeping.

Show me your teeth?

Untouchable? I will personally
Harass the shit out cognitive
After that disgusting post
Mocking the death of

Let's see how untouchable he is,
as if you should defend His
remarks so therefore you
Must also agree with him.

Cos I sure as hell don't see you
Condemning him.
Not open for further replies.