Are Somali women cursed?

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Stop with this crap threads if you don't want a somali man then marry out and stop the calaacal cos no somali man is forcing you to want them
Mixed signals coming from you. Either way, @daacad said it best. If Somali men aren't your taste then calmly move along to something that is. All this shit flinging is getting boring.
They are very confused they don't even know what they want.
I reckon that somali women wouldn't know what to choose if they were given a choice to have 1million or 10 million


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It's time to bring out the lotion and gym membership.

:siilaanyolaugh: I've realized we need Abdis in the equation to make these gazelle like Xalimos.


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I've always said I love Somali men.

I'm not going anywhere, they're
Not you specifically per se, i was more referring to the xalimos on the Internet who constantly go on about ''ashy abdis''. They should just stop complaining and move on to men who more better suit their tastes. Same goes for the Somali men who bash Somali girls.
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