Are Somali men feminine?

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Always here w/ the divisive threads:icon lol:,

Maybe the rumors are true...
you want the Farahs/Abdis all to yourself waryaa ?:siilaanyolaugh:
It's a small percentage of females,
who do. It's not an epidemic!

Some Somali guys are *****es, who
***** And feel some type of way from

I didn't say ALL.

They're not man enough to handle
Somali females, omega/Zeta cucks
Do that usually.

Or it's the horny Farah, who wants
Something easy.

I agree its small minority. Most ethnicities in the West date and marry within their own race but however, its epidemic within the East Asian community in the US and Canada. To the point they diss their own men. Yes srs


cismaan maxamuud
If Somali brother can't turn his women into a pure Nationalist, his thoroughly a feminine individual :dabcasar:
Somalia isnt going anywhere,each administration is worse than the previous one .Unless i become the suldan of all somali people the country will forever remain dangerous and poor.


the pussy is never yours, its just your turn.
Do you agree with this poster?

I agree, our women are feminine and our men are feminine too. The men are fragile, have no muscles, no body hair all points to feminine features. Could be genetics or not.

But Abdis don't get mad when a Somali girl goes for a masculine man, especially one who is non SOMALI. They're doing what evolution is leading them to do and that's finding the most masculine man.
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