Are faraaxs raised by single mother different than faraaxs with both parents?

I'd think it differs depending on a number of things with countless possible constellations e.g. which parent wasn't present, the reason why the kid was raised in a(n effectively) single-parent-household (not-involved/ distant/ estranged/ divorced/ widowed parent), the way he/she related to that parent/ the role they played in their life and in which developmental phase this separation happened etc.
In the end it's all guesswork, even more so when talking about the individual, maybe there is some statisitical evidence to be found in all of this tho .
Men raised by single mothers either become 1 of two things, and there is no inbetween.

a) Gangster, Drop-out, Drug addict.
b) Responsible, Lives everyday as if he has a chip on his shoulder, University Graduate, Raises his younger siblings if he has any.

People raised by both parents can become inbetween.


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