Arch Bishop Of Atheism's Girlfriend Gives Dawah

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Ibnu Suxuufi Ibnu Al Dhoobe
Atheists are so annoying wallahi:gucciwhat: They leave religion only to spend their entire existence debating religion. Such a paradoxical life to live:mindblown:
Aren't Britain first neo Nazis? :cosbyhmm:
Hitler actually had a friendly attitude toward Islam. He met with the grand Mufti of Jerusalem. It was Jews whom he hated. So I don't think an anti-Islamic outfit like BF would care for Adolph.

They're just immigration restrictionists who confuse Islam with Wahabbism. Given that many Wahabbi run masjids denigrate the West night and day, I'm surprised there's not more of them.
Tremendous Fake news... concocted by BBC. They are harmless white Christians fighting against extremism and mass-immigration.:trumpsmirk:
Yeah, that's my read on them too. The media calls all opponents of mass immigration far right these days, except for the only people who want to behead, stone, and oppress everybody. Groups like this are very pro-Israel, so I don't know how they can be Nazi.

Only secular Muslims should be allowed into the West. We need to start mass deportations of Salafis, Deobandis, Wahabbis, and all other human garbage who give Islam a bad name.
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