Arab league defends Somalia against Kenyan aggression

The Arab League is a GEOPOLITICAL union.. it is not based on race alone.. It just a group of countries with common interests helping each other out geopolitically.

Well read mind about politics there saxib. You can hold your nose at people like Canadians and Mexicans do towards Americans and still be part of their regional groups for trade and cross border issues.

We have more in common with Arabs than we do with the rest of Africa. So Somalia needs to play actively in both African Union and Arab League.

It is smart to use influential organizations for your own benefit without selling out your ethnicity and culture.

Somalia survives still because many countries who would be happy to see it gone are afraid of international norms and laws. Somalia would be gone long ago if it wasn't life TV news, Organizations such as the Arab league and African Union. We would be swallowed by Ethiopia and Kenya land-wise since many Somalis who lead their respective tribal regions are sell outs who would happily sign off their clans and respective lands to Ethiopia and Kenya for political influence.

Somali Enemy #1 = Somali tribal elites and fake tribal Presidents.

Somali friends = Arab League. Islamic League of Nations, African union, United Nations.

Somalia is winning against their Internal Somali enemies thanks in part to these organizations forcing these sell-out somali losers to respect international norms. All plans to divide our country based on regional tribal ambitions were rejected always on grounds of wanting to keep Somalia together.
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They literally said “Kenya back off Arab waters” when it is Somali waters. :zhqjlmx:
Well due to america's money hungry ***** trump they can say and claim it too for a few billion dollars and uncle sam will look the other way as they just want a few bases that the current two losers will give them plus arabs are more dangerous than the bantus as nothing holds them back at all