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ala manhaj an nabuwwa
I'm gonna start off by saying that I'm what one would probably call a Salafi, and not the pro-Saudi/whichever tyrant government is over me type either. I've noticed on my short time here that lots of you guys aren't the biggest fans of Salafis, or Wahhabis as some you call us deridingly, which ironically is more compliment than insult as it would mean ones who follow al-Wahhab, another name of Allah.

However I just keep seeing a bunch of misconceptions about Salafis/Atharis/Wahhabis/whatever you want to call us. Many people seem to be under the impression that as-Salafiyyah is a madhab akin to the Hanafiyyah, Malikiyyah, Hanbaliyyah or Shafi'iyyah and this is not the case at all. I think this confusion stems from the fact that Salafis don't believe in blind taqlid to a madhab, meaning that if an opinion from another madhab is more sound or correct than one from yours you should always go with the more correct one, unlike many Asharis who tend to stick to taqlid on strictly one madhab's opinions. As-Salafiyyah is a manhaj, meaning a methodology, specifically that of the Prophet (saw), the Sahaba and the next two generations (the Tabi'een and the Tabi Tabi'een), and so we put more emphasis on following the Salaf (the first three generations of Muslims), hence the name Salafi. Basically Salafis can be any madhab, we just aren't that strict about sticking to one madhab alone.

Finally, Salafis are all Athari in aqeedah rather than Ashari which is what most Sufis are. Athari vs Ashari is a bit of a longer thing to explain but to put it simply Atharis take a more literal understanding of the Qur'an, taking what is meant to be metaphor as such and taking what is meant to be literal as such, whereas Asharis are far more metaphorical and they use a lot of Greek philosophy in their aqeedah which we Atharis regard as bid'ah.

TL;DR A lot of people here don't know much about Salafis and Salafi isn't a madhab, there are Maliki Salafis, Shafi'i Salafis, Hanbali Salafis and Hanafi Salafis.

Also I'd rather be a "vohabee" than a literal grave worshiper

edit: Additionally some of y'all really need to learn what the khawarij actually were and their beliefs/practices, because Salafis have no connection to them
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These people literally call to pure shirk and claim islam.

A sin which if the person dies upon is destined for hell-fire eternally.

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Could you provide an example of what you said was literal vs metaphorical interpretation?


ala manhaj an nabuwwa
Could you provide an example of what you said was literal vs metaphorical interpretation?
A good example would be Allah's throne. Asharis see it as a metaphor representing Allah's power when there is no indication that the throne of Allah is meant to be taken as a metaphorical concept, further proved by the fact that we have a sahih hadith from Sunan Abu Dawud that mentions how it would take 700 years to go from the earlobe to the shoulder of one of the angels who carries Allah's throne.
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