Anyone Watching

The cricket World Cup in England?

South Africa Vs England.

South Africa bowling now. 159-3
28th over. At this early run rate of nearly 6 runs an over and with seven wickets at hand, if they didn’t collapse, England will score over 300 runs.

The World Cup is a one dayer 50 runs a team.

We will play Afghanistan tomorrow.

Any cricket lovers?
My favorite cricket match is this one. Mock someone and they'll write an entire book for you with signatures.

look at the mocking at 0:18 and watch the guy's revenge then on. @AussieHustler what is the notebook in reference to? Umpire decisions?


The english colony sport other wise known as “common wealth” or “protectorates”, :mjlol: I would say jeegan land would join but after vances beat down I don’t think their to happy about their former colonial rulers