Anyone know about E-L677 and how it got to Somalia

E-L677 is rare among us but how did a European haplogroup got accepted to become part of a major somali qabila ?
I've got at least two people with that Y-DNA on 23andMe. One Yemeni individual from Lahij carried the same one too.

Ancient DNA phylogenic study:

"The Egypt Ptolemaic sample, a Late Stone Age and a Pastoral Neolithic individual were placed in the E1b1b1a1b2-L677 clade, which can be found in the present day in the Horn of Africa and Egypt."


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The only version of E-V22 that is natively found in Somalis and Horners is E-V3262 (the Saho and Maasai only have this version of E-V22).

Just because a Somali carries an E subclade don't automatically assume it is native. Lots of Arabs have various subclades of E1b1b1 and brought some to the Horn, like you have Somalis with lineage R, L, G, J2 etc from recent MENAs.