Anyone get the feeling the best is over in the West?


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Let Them Eat Cake
I live in the same house as you.



Forza Somalia!
Leave to where? These Cadaans needs some regulation to set up some stuff right. Other than that, they are living in one of the best countries.


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Age of Internet. We have reached the stage now where degrees are having minimal return on investment, how many actually use their degree subject in their daily work? Also, homeschooling via online is a legitimate alternative to paying private school fees. My point is altogether that the direction online is taking means that these traditional means are becoming obsolete. When weighing the pros/cons, this should be factored in
Degrees will always be useful. The problem is there are too many diploma mills and degrees available in fields where the only real progression is academia


Resident Eritrean | Ye's strongest soldier
Civilisation is cyclical. The West isn’t going to just ride off into the sunset and say goodbye. We are approaching the “Weimar Germany” phase. People are becoming increasingly hedonistic, materialistic and deviant. We are still in the good times - just undergoing the normal economic cycle. When the next economic boom comes you will reminisce on how life was good. However as time passes and people become more morally corrupt as a result of their comfortability, discontent amongst the populace will increase. Huge economic collapse will be imminent at that point. Worse than 2008. I mean Wall Street in 1929 levels. The liberal utopia you thought the West will cease to exist. The far right will rise. Best believe they won’t be merciful to your kind. Maybe not in the near future. Maybe not even in my lifetime. But it’s definitely coming


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