Any Western books translated into Af-Somali?

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Is there a local translation-based publisher in Somalia/Somaliland/Djibouti etc?

Most European countries automatically translate popular English books into their own language, anything like that in Somalia?

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I am hoping that some good quality books are translated.. not children's books. :wow1:

Sadly there is no market for readers in Somalia. There was this Manga called Vinland which had a really good Somali Translation.

Good books like The Prince and other similiar books will never be translated by Somalis back home.


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I had a uncle who thought about opening a company to do that, but he dropped the idea. I feel like the issue of literacy in Somalia stops any real attempts at translating. I’ve always that about doing it, but my Somali is trash so I’ve got to improve that first.
Dijibouti probably is the place that has the most books translated, but you better know some French.
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