Any thoughts?

Stuff like this make me glad i'm introverted and keep to myself.

Also why are these people so ghetto, look at the way they type, why hang around with these people to begin with...
Tell them to take it to court, these stories are getting tiring 🥱 if she is telling the truth then she would and niggas would be going to jail, if not, well then social media strikes back


Oms is short for Omar I think
Abz any abdi name anything from abdullahi to abdulqadir
Haych- hussein , Hassan , Hanad
Not very creative are they
We need dabar weyne doolo and culusow back
indeed clearly somebody never finished grade school


Ina libaax sanka taabte
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first of all why would you be around people who instead of going by their normal name go by abzino, solo ,kodak, haych

2ndly whatever she wrote it was way too long and she barely made sense