Any Somali on Here visited Turkish Public Baths? Hammams as they call them...

I just read an article on new york times and learned something about Turkey's traditions. The article has an amazing picture of women half dressed and crowded on a spot at close proximity to each other.

Damn fine women. Turkey holds some mysterirous spot in the minds of many, from west to east indeed.


You can read the whole article on here:


Is It Strange to Say I Miss the Bodies of Strangers?
Weeks before lockdown, I made a whirlwind tour of Istanbul’s public baths. It was a crash course in pleasure that helped me understand what we’ve lost since.

To quote one commenter on the feedback board about these women:

"Passion for Peaches:
Left Coast2h ago
The photo at the top of the article is messing with my head. It looks like all of those bathing beauties are the same young woman. Was the shot posed with that objective in mind?
Something else on the picture, One the right, two women are blended into each other, one in the background and the other at the front, but for some reason, I thought the one standing in the back had big boobs and marveled a little at it untill i realized the shoulder of the other. Amazing how the brain sees sometimes what is wants to see.


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Would 100% jump in the middle of those girls showing off my Muurqo while relaxing.

This must be what jannah looks like