Any good movie or tv show suggestions?

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The invitation on Netflix was decent

The endless was unique and trippy

A quiet place is similar to Bird box but better

Do people even watch what others suggest on this damn site :farmajoyaab:


The humble one
Some ppl were severely traumatised during the last qabil war and ever since that word has been censored so as not to trigger ppl again.

I typed it with the word in different orders sxb then just smashed my keyboard still nothing:mjcry:

Which war was that


👾pʅɹoʍ pǝʇɐʅǝxᴉd ɐ uᴉ ƃuᴉʌᴉʅ👾
Kingsman is amazing it’s soo good look how they kill the gaalo
Absolutely Beautiful:siilaanyosmile:
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