Any good leftist YouTube channels?

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I just want to get political commentary but I am sick and tired of all rhese alt-white Neanderthals spamming YouTube with their shitty racist content. I try to find new political channels to follow but after watching just 10 seconds of one video the motherfucker was doing nazi salute and yelling "14 words" . YouTube has lost the plot, the place is a cesspit

My list is limited but I want to expand it so I need suggestions
- Vox
- Vice News
- Nowthis
- Seeker
- Contrapoints
Democracy at Work is a great channel. The lectures are by a Marxist Economist Professor from the US.

He explains the material well and is easy to follow along unlike most other leftist intellectuals.

No one bothering to address the elephant in the room.

You're all picking and choosing ideologies that fit snugly into a framework devised by the gold merchants.

Why are the 'alt-right' and neo-commie groups funded by the same bastard billionaires who share a dinner table?

Nothing will change unless the money system is torn down or altered radically.

Which ain't happening anytime soon.
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