Any good leftist YouTube channels?


Somaliland Sovereignist
I just want to get political commentary but I am sick and tired of all rhese alt-white Neanderthals spamming YouTube with their shitty racist content. I try to find new political channels to follow but after watching just 10 seconds of one video the motherfucker was doing nazi salute and yelling "14 words" . YouTube has lost the plot, the place is a cesspit

My list is limited but I want to expand it so I need suggestions
- Vox
- Vice News
- Nowthis
- Seeker
- Contrapoints
Democracy at Work is a great channel. The lectures are by a Marxist Economist Professor from the US.

He explains the material well and is easy to follow along unlike most other leftist intellectuals.



Somaliland Sovereignist
Why are (((Jews))) so over-represented among left intelectuals?

Shit is getting shady.

Democracy at Work is also run by Noam Chomsky's (Jew) daughter.
Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were Jews too :siilaanyolaugh:
No one bothering to address the elephant in the room.

You're all picking and choosing ideologies that fit snugly into a framework devised by the gold merchants.

Why are the 'alt-right' and neo-commie groups funded by the same bastard billionaires who share a dinner table?

Nothing will change unless the money system is torn down or altered radically.

Which ain't happening anytime soon.


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