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Another black man killed by the police in Minnesota


Money Motivated
I was surprised to see that, when i was visiting last summer. My family and friends told me, they are mostly from Chicago. (they fled Chicago violence for Minneapolis)
They come from a variety of cities including Detroit, St.Louis and Gary Indiana. It's mostly for section 8 and they end up creating neighborhoods worse than the ones they left
:francis:vicious cycle indeed


I'm a felon and on house arrest I can't come thru rn :mjkkk:
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The Smooth-Operator

Walahi these madows are funny.
When they come out to protest they don't respect or follow the police rules, act violent, jump up and down on the Police vehicles and test the patience of the police who are sent out to control the crowd.. They are out there looting shops and destroying properties and if they got shot they'll log on social media platforms and cry about racism and police brutality.. Nacalaa bunch of chimps.. This includes Somalis with madow mentality.. They get no sympathy from me :pacspit: