Ann Coulter Going on Rampage on Somalis as "Corrupt Culture"

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Apparently to Ann Coulter, 3 Somalis who have been caught with Daycare fraud represent all Somalis. Her attack here has three purposes: Attack the Medicaid program that fund these daycare centers, attack immigration, and attack also the Somalis who are Muslims - basically Islamophobia wrapped around as "Corrupt Culture".
More than 60,000 Somalis call Minneapolis / Saint Paul metropolitan home; yet, the conviction of 1 person and the fining of 2 more individuals makes us "Corrupt Cultures," at least to the eyes of the evil right-wingers. Hell with them, I hope they never form a government at the federal level in the future.


Free Wi-Fi > Free Palestine
In 2008 I remembr Michelle Malkin throwing her fellow Asians under the bus on Fox talking about Chinese cleaners and street sweepers giving illegal money to Hillary Clinton., and saying they should restrict immigration from China.

And of course very election cycle the right wing throw jabs at Mexicans, black people , Muslims, other immigrant groups.

The right wing despises anyone who isn't white and Christian.
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