An open thank you note to a special sspotter.

Odkac WRLD

جندي صومال
A special sspot xalimo hooked me up with $9.99 Xbox Live and VC last night.

I wanted to say that this contribution and your other continued contributions are very much appreciated.

I know you’d prefer anonymity so I won’t say your name, but I thought I would appreciate you publicly.

I would say I love you, but I just don’t do that anymore.



Bad cop
So you into scamming now, big boy leagues? :kanyehmm:

warya just because you name your card scamming machine a xalimo name such as Layla doesn’t mean it counts:mjohreally:


Bah Qabiil Fluid
I am thankful for all the xalimos in my life for real , they out here being generous unprovoked . You know who you are you crackling witch.