Amnesty International: Use of lethal force by Somalia Federal Government in Baidoa unjustifiable

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Following news that Somali security forces in Baidoa opened fire this morning on protestors, killing a parliamentarian, Abdishakur Yaqub Ibrahim as known as Abdishakur Bule, and a young boy in ongoing protests that erupted on 13 December, Amnesty International's Deputy Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes Sarah Jackson said.

Somali and Ethiopian security forces in Baidoa must refrain from using lethal force against protestors, including ahead of, during and after the South West regional presidential election.

Amnesty International has also gathered information indicating that three individuals, two men and one woman, were injured yesterday when security forces opened fire during the demonstrations and are nursing bullet wounds in Baidoa Regional Hospital.

“Protesters should be able to count on the security forces to protect them, and not violently turn their weapons on them. The Somalia authorities must immediately open an investigation into this use of excessive force and hold all officers responsible to account,” said Sarah Jackson.

Using digital verification techniques, Amnesty International has confirmed that a video posted on social media depicts recent violence in Baidoa. Semi-automatic rifle fire is heard in the video, which also shows at least one police officer carrying an assault rifle and another man with arterial bleeding in his arm, consistent with a gunshot wound.
The problem with Amnesty and HRW is that they hold mooryaans to the same standards as cadaans.

The mooryan understands strength, not diplomacy. They only back down when you are stronger than them. Farmaajo understood this after Roboow played him and ran for SWS presidency.


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
Violence is never the answer, once we understand that and truly practice it as a way of life, true peace is finally possible. :)
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