Amhaar Problem In Somalia

Amharo need to be dealt with. These people hate us and always have. Somalis don't hate these people for no reason. There is no hikmad to hate 'peasant farmers' who you richer then. There is historical reasons and it needs to be dealt with. Habesha was ERITREA and tigray region of ethiopia. Not amhara land, these are the peasants who over ruled the place and displaced the rightful kings. You think an Amhaar jew sheba iyo solomon will like u? his half jewish in religion and origins according to themselves. The eritreans have always been allies of us and u know it. We always hosted eritreans in Somalia. Old communities. I think god made promise to protect that place or something didn't he? There is no doubt eritrea is the habesha ancient land cause u need sea access from arabia, you can't just land in amhara region from arabia. Plus there is good existence of muslims and christians notice? not a single problem ever, it's historical this shit. Plus meles helped somalis, he made the nation federal so we arent under amhara addis dominated capital a bunch of peasant farmers. Fuck oromo who are even their slaves, a slave is no better then his master.

We must discontinue any ties with these people and be friends with ERITREA, illahi ayaaba balan siiyay wa hadad diin aminsan tahay. I accept prophecy it makes sense. Amhara menguistu destroyed somalia, meles tried to help rebuild it with abdillahi yusuf. Shaydhan ayaa la wareegay dalka there was no xeer and abdillahi was restoring xeer so we become human beings again and not live in suuq madow and no xeer which shaydhan grounds. Shaydhan world is no laws, he isnt being tested for goodness or badness. He is done for. He is no law place and told to drag as many of those tested under the law with u. He draggged heaps of people in the south since 1990 untill now. The ones who are left need to do towba and stop supporting amhara to destroy our nation.
U know whats funny my psychosis started after i visited ethiopia, waa shaydhamo. Fuck em. I only visted dire dawa and addis ababa. But I am adamant it was addis ababa, I felt alright in dire dawa even though oromo peasants behaved just like amhara like snakes. Only ones against tigray were amhara foot soldiers to disturb the halal rulers who can keep ethiopia at peace, they instigate somali, oromo to fight thru nonsensical things so amhara can come later and genocide.

Lets keep amharis as slaves that's what best for half jewish snakes. They all the same these jews, just dont disturb israel though just clean them out of your house, cuz the prophet cleaned them out of arabia sxb we should be able to do that too. NO JEWS IN SOMALIA. Jews always cause fitnah in other ppl land, never peace. Their working like little snakes isku dir on people cuz their tiny.

If somalia stabilizes lets airlift the amhara to israel and give them money and the israelis to take them in. Let the snakes stay together no infect humanity. Lets not establish official relations with Israel, its not worth the fitnah tommorow, we can miss out on anything we dont want fitnah anymore nothing can they have must we exchange. Do we kill them? no it's not our business, we shud have our own goals only to deal with.

Dont separate amhar and their subjects oromo HAILE SELASSIE WAS OROMO BLOOD IN HIM. THEIR MIXED SO MUCH, THEIR BOTH INFECTED. I dont mean disease I mean causing fitnah niyahow thats jewish hallmark. Dont take any apology from them, they cant be trusted, they even betrayed the prophet, not a ppl laysku amini karo. Keep them away from us
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We cant bother jews in israel since xeer musa bay lee yihin unless there is fitnah when xeer breaks down. muslims probably only went because there was wars there and there was no xeer at the time, hence wa meel shaydhan, xeer bay uu dejiyeen. Now it has xeer, fara kala baxa, lakin u have a right to deport them from your region like most europeans did in the past and arabs.

We were told to look after habesha only the real ones ERITREANS. Not these peasant farmers and oromos. Nin somali aan ku kala kulmay addis baan weli xasusta isaga igu yiri habash hanash meaning their snakes. The amhara want in dembigooda loo saaro all habash. Wrong. Thats like dembiga loo saarayo somali for siyad war on ethiopia. We can have bad people or bad policies at times, doesnt mean their all bad ppl. Amhara have proven themselves consistently to be jewish agent working like snake in the background and action needs to be taken. Enuff is enuff, just deport them
We must remember all those lives we lost against these pricks in ahmed gurey and siyad. They have been constant problem in the region from menguistu time and even earlier on in ahmed gurey time. Action is needed not this nonsense their not all the same bullshit thats how they fool u so they can do habash hanash on u again like snakes always do. Ur history has spoken for itself for over 500 years now with amhara, a final solution would be nice but not reasonable. Just flood drugs into their farming settlements, poison the community

Nabiga waa hikmad badna hadu geeljire waalan isku keenay oo kala fadhiya sida somalida oo kale. Yahud lakin waa uu maari waaayay. Naga daaya waqtigooda naga fogeeya keliya ma ceeb ba? its waqti dhumis
Anagu half yahud amhara ayaan uu yaaban nahay 500 years. Imagine full blown yahudi. yaab illahi ha uu gargare lakin hawl noo yaal ma aha xeerkooda israel haku noqdan keliya ha laga codsado, naga fogaada arimaheena. Amhara are stupid just cause solomon is israeli, doesnt mean ur jewish to them, your just israelite at best, they will slaughter u like they did the 10 tribes of israel, your even worse your only half israelite kkkkkkkkkkkkk yet u backstab muslims all the time who try to help u cuz of your sick jewish heart. Yahuud waa laanta habarta ma aha abaha so amhara is screwed, he will suffer a genocide in israel cause they did that to the northern kingdom who were israelites by father side only and not jewish by mother side. Only yahudah was mother lineage jewish. IYAGA DHAQANKA BAHDA WAA LEE YIHIN

Anaga sidan isku cayno bahdina waa dhulbahante ama warsangeli ama dir. Iyagu waxay isku cayan bahdina waa qabiloyinka 10ka ahaa ee israeli waxayna ku faanan bahdooda waa yahudi. Wa dhaqan ismael iyo isaac waxasi inay isku abtiriyan abbe iyo bah wadaag waagi hore ileen geeljire bay ahayeen iyo xoolo dhaqaato. arabta hada waa loo yimi luqada laga bartay but ismael and isaac are same culture most definitely same father. halka arabta dhabta ah bah bah ma yaqano wa dhinaca abaha keliya. That israelite thing. Its obvious waxani waa wax aan ka soo guurinay dhincasi asiya markeedi hore u cant keep the cultural tribal system the same and be different people
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Yahuda dhabta ah qabyalad darteed bay kugu diidayan inaad nabi tahay ama diin wado, heerka qabyaladeed waa mid dhaafsan xitaa arabta waalan oo isdhiibay looooooool
Anaga laftigeena marku niin wanagsan noo yimado ma rabno qabiilka dartisa sida sayidka. Waxba ma dhaano yahud marka yaan la cayin waa dhaqan wanagsana oo cayaar oolin lakin meelo way ka qaldanayeen siiba qabiil inay ka dortan niin wax sheegayo. War anaga iyo yahuda si fican baa isku fahmi karna ee dhaqankasi waan gabna kkkkk iyo arabta marka inay been noo sheegan dad dhaqankooda identical yahay waa arin yaab leh


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