Amazing news. I'm very happy.

I got an offer for my 1st engineering co-op placement. 38/hr for 640 hours(4 months). That's 24,000 total pre-tax for the 4 months.

I've got 3 total placements so by the time I graduate, It will be 72,000k total pre-tax, that'll give me enough to pay off my projected 40k in loans and pocket the rest.
If I impress, they will probably give me a job offer for once I graduate apparently too.

I remember when I was just a miskeen little 14 year old:kendrickcry:

But Now I'm big huncho:win:
I can't give any more information I'm sorry. I've said too much on here. Last thing I need is my employer to bring up SomaliSpot during interviews.


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