Am about to get into Cyber Security

Wow that's so impressive, I'm sure you would have no problem getting a job in cyber security!

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to learn more about this?


Im Hawiye, so I Beat that trial!
I use to be script kiddie i know how to use linux shell command line.

I can work whit c99 shell and im familiar whit Remote File inclusion.

Im thinking to learn coding soon insha allah.


[Cali Saleebaan][Migiurtinia]
To be honest I have been studying computers for two decades now, longer than most of ya'll.:ftw9nwa:

Though out these years I took interest in programming and also cyber security which was I ended up tostuduy.

I will personaly suggest you to studying hacking and join an underground hacking group and you end being the best in your cyber security job.