Alternate History-Ethiopia


It's all so tiresome
Yes they're full of themselves & actually they're more nationalistic than Somalis will ever be. The Ethiopians have held onto their traditions & culture, whereas Somalis have been culturally arabised.

You're under-estimating the capabilities of an industrialised Ethiopia in the alternate timeline, just like how the Japanese were under-estimated by the Western Powers & were surprised when the Japs destroyed Imperial Russia in mechanised/Modern warfare.

Best believe an Industrialised Imperial Ethiopia will aspire to control all of East Africa & conquer Somali territories from the European powers.
It doesn't matter how underestimated the Japanese were...They had no chance against the old empires.

Maybe with a few more decades they would be able to be equal to some of them but not when they all will gang up on them.

Then again no one would give Japan the time it needed.

Just creating those advanced warships put them in the cross hairs of those western powers.

Same with Ethiopia in this video's timeline.

The surrounding powers wouldn't want a new power coming and splitting the pie even further.

The only way for them to survive was to gain time and the only way they could do that is by not appearing as a threat.

Something our own leaders in the past should've thought of.


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