Allocations of wells in Wajir district 1946

Wajir was early on conquered and founded by Ogaden Somalis in the late 1800s. Other expanding communities later went on to reaching the region living alongside Ogaden. The Ogaden tribe for the last 20 years have been brainwashed and confused on this non existing project called Somaliweyn getting them to join liberation fronts which costed them blood & time wasted, Leaving them to forget and neglect their own lands. Today they have an opportunity to make Wajir great again as the current governor is Ogaden! Beesha Absame should lobby and aim to get new constituencies and extra representation from the Kenyan government. Wajir south,East and parts of Wajir west belongs to Ogaden.
The late sultan of Wajir,Kenya Allahu Yarxam

Xaaji Sultan Abdi Ogle. He is most renowned for establishing the Wajir secondary school in the early 1950.