allahu akbar vikings were muslim

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The vikings were rapists and pillagers (at least some of them). They probably stole things off of their victims too, I wouldn't put it past them.
The vikings travelled long distances and went on raids so it's plausible that they may have come across other ethnic groups (irrespective of religion) and stolen their belongings.
The muslims probably had really nice things for them to hold onto that long :ehh:
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No it was trade. The Vikings went out of their way to raid Al Andalus, so no they were not Muslim. They were Norse pagans, who were later Christianised.


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Also, In Andrew Marr’s BBC Documentary, “History of the World: Into the Light”, Marr commented on how Vikings in Russia also came very close to converting to Islam with their king being unable to initially decide which of the world's religions would suit them best.
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