Alla dirgax dirgax dirgax

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dhaanto invented by Ogaden in 1600s to encourage man to go to war, in deep Ogadeniya thats why females and males do not touch each other,

we are the germans of somalinimo, we invent culture,
Our ilma abti might disagree
@Kingcobra @sophisticate @Factz

could not care less what they thing,

we invented dhaanto as the germans invented suasages brutwurst

the polish created vodka,

you can disagree, i was doing dhaanto since 10,000 BC

the cowboys inveted the sititng position of placing one leg over the knee off the other,

aga is mine, dhaanto is mine and we single handedly invented gabay/poetry,

after all we wrote the rule for gabay by raage ugaas, qaman bulxaan,

the sayidka banned certain central somali clans from doing gabay as they embarrssed his horse by using the F word, , they looted xamar today hint hint , only darood and 1door were allowed to do gabay udner the sayidk, he thought the rest were too primative in af somali
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