Alkilaab say they didn't carry out the attack

Why would they deny this attack when they didn't hesitate to take credit for every other one that has happened in the last decade? Something is not adding up. Why would alshabab deny this specific attack? I believe them. The bomb was way too advanced for alshabab to be soly responsible.
Who cares? We KNOW Somalis don't do car bombs; this car bomb and suicide phenomenon was introduced into Somalia by Jihadis. Only Jihadis believe killing as many civilians as possible as end objective in of itself because of Jihad and Shahiid doctrines. They think they're going to heaven if they kill as many infidels and their sympathizers. So, it's high noon you pick sides and stop waffling.
They didn't claim the bombings in Bosaso and Hargeisa in 2008 and 2009. This is by no means a new precedent.


Ofcourse they will deny it, they killed over 250 innocent shacab, cowards immoral wahabi cunts.

Unless we face these Wahabi cancerous-
Close the schools, business, they manage and take over the mosques they manage also.
We will never move forward.

Even the godfather of Wahabi terrorist saudis control their mosques,the imaam speech, khutbah and etc,

Allahuma salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad,

yes yes
We must eradicate wahabism from Somalia.
We must fight them from house to house. Either they live or we live.
Lol i used to hate Al Shabaab till I realized how great of a job they've done destroying USC's remnants. Still hate them but not as much!


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