Ali Haji Warsame Is The Faysal Warabe Of Puntland

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This guy is a joke, I am not sure why he wants to run for Puntland. Looma ogola qof islamist ah inu puntland hukumo weligeed. Plus now is such a bad time for Islamist in world politics, who will help Puntland knowing their is an Islamist in power? It's better you become shabab territory oo toos ah if you elect islamist such as ictisam oo runti ah kuwa 'suitka' uu xiran shabab. Shabab waa lafo sayf weeye mid waa siyasi sida ictisam mid waa qarax buu sita, the world knows muslim brotherhood parties sxb, aduunka mamnuc bay ka yihin, look at mursi sida loo galay egypt.

So what is this guy agenda? Is he just trying to secure a ministry for himself?
1) cali xaaji is a far more intelligent man than waraabe in all aspects. Waraabe thrives in chaotic and controversial situations and therefor is always

2) we are a Muslim nation and will never stray away from islam in any form including shying away from being led by those that practice their 5 pillars in Islam regardless of how the west views them..
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