Alhamdulilahi I'm abt to

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President - Sexaholics Anonymous, Ohio chapter
go on a 5 days road trip after securing the following ;

5 days off from worn :nvjpqts:

Rental car booked :2tjlv3e:

The Renaissance hotel booked :vncu2n5:

What to do on the road trip planned out in association with Groupon :dance:

Brother -in-law very much excited :dj:

I'm looking forward to just chilaxing in that hotel's Jacuzzi:dance:

My female and child send off to a distant distant land for a well deserved vacation for my female. The airfare cost me an arm and a leg but I would like to thank Turkish Airlines for coming through for me :dzmxmmb:

Soo duceeya walaalayaal
Not open for further replies.


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