Alcoholic caare shows of his beer belly

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Your superior


He has been on that cheap Ethiopian rum dreaming about retaking his tuulo :russ:
Drunk caare gets paid before anyother punan! Soldier sees their salary

Caare the thief probably stole others salaries also . His belly definitely came from excessive alcohol consumptions but he’s been eating a whole households worth of food on his own by the looks of it


Make Hobyo Great Again
But Egal does not go unpunished. His critics call him an explosive and armed opposition sees him as a dictator and even an alcoholic, an unmistakable criticism in an Islamic country. "He ignites quickly in anger," says one of his ministers. "For Somalis words may fall more painful than bullets. A large part of the current problems are due to him. He had lengthier have to negotiate with the militias before he told them the war. The sooner we are rid of Egal, the better for Somaliland. But the new war almost all clans united behind him. For his political position appears war unfortunately better than peace. "
The president an alcoholic? "It's a long time since I drank whiskey," Egal replied, "but I take sometimes a glass of wine."


Why you crying on another thread if it’s a backfired thread lol. Face it sakhraan caare isn’t going to free you kkkkk
He actually believes in Caare too, that's the most embarassing part.

Since I joined this forum most of what I predicted has happened. It's logical predictions saaxib.

Just wait a couple of years when we get free weapons from the Berbera 100 million dollar military base, courtesy of our Emirati brothers. :chrisfreshhah:
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