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I have no proof, only whispers
I'm going to constantly be posting what I'm listening to here. Give y'all a taste of what sort of music I'm into. Maybe we have the same taste or I could introduce you to new music. Let me know what you think.

For my first submission, an album I have been listening to a lot recently.

Portraits - Greyson Chance

  1. black on black
  2. shut up
  3. seasons nineteen
  4. timekeeper


I have no proof, only whispers
One of my absolute favorite albums. His voice and the beats are so soothing. I just want to drift away anytime I listen.



I have no proof, only whispers

After years, Lemonade has come to Spotify!!!

I also watched this Homecoming film on Netflix and gd, I wish I was at Beychella for that performance. Film was a master piece. Other artists should take note because that is how a concert film should be made.


I have no proof, only whispers
@A_A Why are you ruining my thread :mjcry:

I'm so glad VW is back with new music. Been jamming out to Vampire Weekend, Contra and Modern Vampires of the City for ages.


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I’m making it more lit for you @Aaegal accept my presence peasant. You gotta check Maggie Rogers my girl is making big moves nowadays and is getting recognized.


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