Albanian incel MADDDDD because Albanian women are marrying Somalis

does every ethnic group just hate their men?
yep only exception are bantus. i dont think theres any group of women that praise their men more than bantu women do. and it's wild when you consider the fact that bantus treat their women like pure shit.

it's seriously crazy to me how fetishized they are. when ever bantus shit talk other men, those other men's women always side with the bantus and partake in the shit talk. and when those men clapback their women shame them for being racist. just look at the tweets on page 8


Taxation is theft
Albanians aren’t even considered real whites. Real technically, Somalis fall in line with European beauty standards than them. Don’t they have a lot of Arabic blood in them ?


I just realised he called us gaalo, kulaha foreign religion. Mofo, i wanna do a Quran contest with him, walahi bilahi I'd win.

People associate blacks with non Muslims, another reason to ditch black card.
Ditch the religion first.
You cannot ditch blackness.
By the way, what he meant foreign was the Muslim religion. Since Albania became Muslim after creation of Ottoman Empire.
So before that they had native religion, like us.
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As someone who’s has an Albanian Wifey I sense this guy is projecting his insecurities: “Lust for the black d*ck”

He must have a small d*ck if he’s talking like that. He’s probably a virgin that venting his frustration from his mom’s basement :mjlol:

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This should open the eyes of ******* inccels who think they're exempt from racism even Albanians who are similar to us when it comes to crimes and racism think of us the same as maadows
I couldn’t care less what a salty Albanian guy thinks. He’s a descendant of a slave I wasn’t. I look down on him. But I love their women though :damn:


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