Al-Shabab Orders All CCTV Cameras In Mogadishu Switched Off As Fears Of A Major Attacks Intensifies


Wow and they actually listened.... seems the FGS doesn’t control Mogadishu.

There is a major security concern in the streets of Mogadishu after all the CCTV cameras went off. Sources told Radio Dalsan that the move follows a warning by Al-Shabab militants.
The CCTV outage has affected hotels, shopping centers, malls at the busy Maka Al-Mukarama road, putting security operations in jeopardy.
It is reported that the militant group had ordered the switching off of the cameras so thay they could continue with bombing operations unfettered.
A business man who sought anonymity told Radio Dalsan that he was among the people who had received warning from the militants that they would face dare consequences should they ignore their warning.
The militant group was pushed out of the capital more than a decade ago that still organizes sporadic attacks.
It ios feared that the group is seeking in exert its influence especially at a time when major political players are planning for the next elections


Make Hobyo Great Again
It is really difficult for me to muster sympathy for these people when they regularly cooperate with the ones who slaughter them day in and day out to make it even easier for them.