Ahlul Sunnah Military Wing Splits From GM

We are not yet in full strenghth. Waiting for our Duduble and Surur brothers to join us. Their troops will inshallah merged with ours. As Auxiliary we already have our patriotic Qubeys Dir brothers with us. This is a great dream come true.

I always said 1 leader, 1 capital, 1 nation, 1 army.


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Farmaajo succeeded in diminishing our influence within the HG. He united Galnus and turned them into his loyal puppets. I welcome this move by ASWJ, we need to have great influence within a section of HG.
The beef stems from Saleebaan vs Cayr skirmishes.

It's always nomads with constant vendetta that keep development stagnant. Before disarming clans, you need reconciliation and clear demarcation of clan territory.

I can imagine there will be another conflict again, this is what happens without true bottom-up state building.
cayr and saleebaan are fighting over former marehan deegaans. :ftw9nwa:
ASWJ's ground forces mainly consisted of Cayr. Gen Mascuud led troops flushed ASWJ out of Dhuusmareeb. Today Cayr is part and parcel of GM. Marka news like this is much ado about nothing. Power talks & they have little of it to flex.


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