AFTER I WATCHED THIS EXCLUSIVE “when animals attack” I’ve decided to be a British white nationalist. (Disgusting xaliimos attack cadaans)

The white people got what they deserved. They can't force people to wear masks let alone do citizen arrests! If she was so concerned with being at risk why she fighting without a mask.

Adeer held it down and the xaaliimos backed it
Not sure how people arent concerned about their own health. I know some Somalis who refused to follow govt regulations about the virus and almost died from the covid19.
Apparently the cadaans blocked their car and and started the whole thing. Take your self-hate elsewhere, this poor family were defending themselves. I would have done worse if another man grabbed me in front of my family


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truly the British natives are committing a national suicide by allowing savages from 4th world take over.
They were only following instructions. It does say "Spar" outside the shop.

Okay jokes aside, if some random Karen came to you and started telling you to wear a mask and verbally abusing you, Im certain you will spin her jaw. For once, the somali family were in the right on this one. The lady claims she's high risk, then why the fuk do you not stay in the car, or even better stay at home? I know if I was high risk I wouldn't get lippy to others especially during this pandemic.

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Karen had it coming. Yet again, the whites are the aggressors. The Somalis were in the right and were defending themselves.
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Rule 1 of fighting : Make it fast, do not extend the thing

I.e in their case, it went on too long. Gives a chance for Feds to come

Rule 2 : No Cameras. Cameraman is the first to go.

i.e It got to a point where it is on Youtube and their face and Car reg can be noted. Again, Feds could track you down

Rule 3 : Hit it where it hurts the most
Rule 4 : Make sure no Cameraman came out of nowhere

Rule 5 : Flee, don't long it out

Or don't get into fight. But these people were forcing them to wear a mask, even though it is in your own car. Not your problem really.


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truly the British natives are committing a national suicide by allowing savages from 4th world take over.
Dabalka tahay
Its not their right to force others.

They could have asked politely for them to wear a mask rather than being racist and they to take the matter in their hand.
I think next time they will be more civil.
Karen got her shit handed to her by two teenage girls whilst her cuckhold husband was getting rag-dolled by an adeer in his late 40s. I'm so proud wallahi:qri8gs7:


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