AFTER HE SPEND $200k on lawyers Sheikh M’med Idris gets deported


With A Brave Heart anything is possible
Not in personality or spirit, but looks. loooooooooool
I'm not the bulky type and this dude weighs like 130 kilos, he's like a hippopotamus with an epic badness. His hairline's so far back you need binoculars to see it.
Whenever i see this sheikh, i Ask myself--- why does he refuse lip balm or is it Sunnah to have crusty ass lips?

What does that matter?

This sheikh, his father is Eritrean and his mum is Somali and has been accepted as a Somali, where are those who think a Somali woman can't breed a Somali child with a foreigner?

@Armadillo and his group.

@kickz since he is from Qandalla, is he related to you?
His grandfather.

Sheik Mohamed Idris - Muslim Sage Photo was taken in 1936 in Italian East Africa, part of which is now modern day Eritrea.


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