WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. African vs African-American Beef, the drama continues

So In 2021 theirs Two Grown ass men in a gas station who probably got kids arguing over being African vs African American as if they were high school kids.:comeon:

Then this nigga Tariq Nasheed gets horny after watching the video and proceeds too instigate the beef by posting the video on Twitter:fantasia2: so he can push this narrative to his followers that all Africans don’t like African Americans LOL.:russ::lolbron:
I choose but other Africans kinda don’t like my kin. Some Bantus think the Tuareg are the devil. Malians rub me the wrong way. Nigerians are the coolest west Africans. But to be fair, certain whites are the same. The Berbers are crazy, though.