African Americans vs Africans going on in Twitter Spaces over 10k listeners


Somalis Have More Political Power Then Them In The US

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They don't identify with Mexicans and vice versa but they foolishly considered people that look like them to be the same as them. That turned out not to be true. So they've come to the conclusion that it's not in their interest to be pro immigration because they are competing with another group that takes advantage of their struggle and position but does not intend to contribute to their community. It's not in the black community to support immigration and they should make that clear before voting Democrat.
Then they should vote for the republicans. Thing is they know republicans won’t coddle them like Dems. They are taking their frustration on Africans for the problems in their community. Africans in America just want to work and make money. Most ain’t interested in their constant cry about being victims
no offense but what control do black people have over immigration?

African and Caribbean people are gonna immigrate to the US whether they like it or not.
Nigerians are really foul to bring up the ancestors of AA. If they do not get along that’s fine but you don’t need to mention the death and struggles of innocent people.

these lot have no shame wallahi :farmajoyaab: