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Africa’s North Korea

Macalin M

Ain’t stopping till we chilling at the top
^^ you guys are living in some fantasy kkkkkkkkk

if anything the Amhara will probably flood Eritrea. Somalis ain’t gonna go to Eritrea.
Eritreans and Somalis share a common history and have a lot of things in common. The closest ally we have in the Horn besides Djibouti is Eritrea.
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What do we have in common? Aren’t most of them habesha orthodox Christians?
1. Eritrea and Somalia were both Italian colonies
2. Half of Eritrea’s population are Muslim
3. For most of the 19th and 20th century both Eritreans and Somalis were struggling to stave off Ethiopian irredentism
4. Somalia was the main ally of the EPLF. The heavy artillery we shipped off to the EPLF helped win decisive battles in the Eritrean War of Independence.
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