Advice to my Somali sisters

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Author: H*ejabi secrets| hate lefties
as you have all seen that poor girls cam fun moment has gone viral on the internet, so here is my advice to all the naive girls out there.

Never ever and I repeat never ever partially or fully naked cam up for a guy whether it's your husband, bf or random guy somali or ajnaabi. Don't even take the risk as that video might find is self outside any day.

Some of you are so naive that you might think oh he loves me so let me do it out of love for him, DON'T do it. The consequences out weigh everything else.

You don't want to ruin your dignity and live with shame forever.
This guy is a deceiver. He was encouraging me to shake my breasts for him on the webcam. I was flattered to do it because I'm lonely as some of you might know from my dating situation, but he was in for a surprise when they turned out to be man boobs. Poor guy thought I was a woman.

Don't listen to his nonsense. It is waajib to camwhore for your man.

Malcolm X

The price of freedom is death
It's easy telling those people avoid doing X

Sometimes people have self-confidence issues and get desperate for an attention.

When you feel you want to be loved, you will do anything to get that

Even if your man tells you he gotta film you, you have no choice but do what he says
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