Advice on moving to Canada?

Currently live in Scandinavia, it’s ok but life is very boring and expensive. No way to for an entrepreneur to become successful, and the city life is shit. It’s also becoming unstable, Islamism and far-right are increasing. Not to mention ghetto.

Scandinavians are pretty cold people too.

I like Canada and been thinking of moving to Toronto or Vancouver or some other big city.

What are the advantages and disadvantages from your experience?
Canada makes it very easy to move there if you're qualified. Apply for the express entry scheme and after three years you can apply for permanent residence
Canada generally speaking has strict immigration requirements.

What I would do if I were you is look at an IEC/Work holiday Visa. Make an application and if you're deemed eligible you can stay from 12 to 24 months in Canada and be eligible to live and work with no limitations. you can decide in the meantime if you actually want to move there and bother with the rigorous immigration process (assuming you qualify).

Islamism kulaha, utter nonsense.

Also, Scandinavia (Denmark specifically) has the highest social mobility in the entire world.


What type of Islamism?
he's refering to those that are more vocal about their views on the west u know those kinds they want sharia laws to be used instead of man made rules they support isis they mostly demonstrate or talk on tv about their views


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