"Accidently pushed Shukri"


It's been a year later and they're still lying? There was no accident, it was on purpose and I hope she receives her justice one day.

Nafiso Qalanjo

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Lets say she really did accidently push Shukri. Than why didnt she call anyone for help? Such bullshit. That little devil and her friends were laughing at her while Shukri was breathing her last breath.
"accidentally pushing someone down a river" give me a break. They meant it, and now they need to pay the price. Justice for Shukri Abdi!
Then left her to drown. If it was accidental they would have called 999 to have her rescued. She was bullied by the same girls and a teacher from the school committed suicide over being bullied. Her postmortem showed bite marks on her body and other injuries. Witnesses that saw the bullies leaving the area said they saw the girls laughing as well.
Check out these bold faced lies

The fact that there are no charges is crazy
What lies, the first sentence doesn't even make sense "she thought she could swim but didn't know how to swim" are we supposed to believe that? :ileycry:They were shouting and crying, but didn't call the police? What about witnesses who said they were laughing? They had a whole year to come up with a story and it doesn't even add up, they have no shame


Dila waa bakhti
This reminds me of that UK white girl that went missing in Portugal in 2007. They're still looking for her. I think her name was Madeline or something.
Yeah madeleine mcann but it’s probably fake, they brang it up during the blm protests to “calm” everyone down like distract them.
That’s what they always say “I accidently did it”. I remember that a white kid let this Eritrean boy drown back a few years and he got excused because he used the “I am a kid and I accidently did it” excuse.

what that imbecile did to Shukri is unforgivable. May karma reach her really good


This reminds me of that UK white girl that went missing in Portugal in 2007. They're still looking for her. Her name was Madeline Mcaan or something.
Here in the US if a White girl goes missing TV stations would be all over that stories and investigative journalists would create hella alot documentaries on her dispearance and no stone would be left unturned, meanwhile black girls don't even get single newspaper article, sad world we live in.:mjcry: